Bart Soutendijk 

Bart makes wire line-drawings – the process of creating an image out of one or a few strands of wire.  Many of his drawings are used as guides for his larger-than-life steel-rod wall murals.


All of the murals are custom-designed, one-of-a-kind projects. Most are made out of 5/32nd inch diameter steel rod because Bart can bend and twist up to that thickness of steel by hand.


His works have been purchased by hotels, hospitals, and collectors all over the world.


Large Steel Wall Murals have scale enough to suit a large wall without dominating the room. The sculptures don’t appear to be added to a wall to enhance its appeal – like a painting or photo in a frame. They are part of the wall – like the molding. or the trim.

Bart's wall murals are inexpensive. Wire wall art is a way to get nice big art on your wall without paying a big price.


The Murals are resistant to moisture and sun damage. Framed prints, photos, and oil paintings can get moldy in wet locations like shower areas, over hot tubs, and around indoor swimming pools. The mold collects behind them where the air is warm, wet, and stagnant. Steel sculptures are mounted about a half inch away from the wall so air moves freely around and through the illustration. There are no spaces where mold can develop because the art is mounted directly to the wall – not to a board or canvas. The art is powder coated with a mold resistant material.


Shipping is usually less expensive. Larger wall murals are almost always made out of a number of components that can be packed in a smaller carton and shipped to anywhere in the world for a fraction of what it would cost to ship the sculpture in one piece.


It’s “green Art.” When compared to other large works of art the wall sculptures I create leave a very small carbon footprint. The material I use is grade 40 recycled 9 gauge steel wire or 5/32nd-inch diameter steel rod. The same material used to make rebar. It’s soft and bendable. It has very little carbon in it. It is made from recycled automobiles, appliances and construction materials in low-sulfur crude-oil burning furnaces using about 60% less energy than steel made from mined iron ore. I use very little of the recycled steel. The sculptures are mostly space. Less than 2% of most pieces is metal. I don’t use wood. I don’t mount the sculptures on canvas or paper or plywood and they don’t require a frame.
I paint the sculptures using a powder-coating process that utilizes only the magnetized pigment that adheres to the steel. No solvents. No wasteful over-spray. Very little pigment is used because the sculptures are made with very little metal. The pigment is UV resistant reducing the need for future repainting.
The sculptures are very light. Shipping takes less energy. Packaging is less intensive and I use only recycled corrugated cardboard that can be recycled again.


Because the murals are made of a number of individual characters that can be spaced further apart or closer together, they can fit better in the space. The mural can also be spaced to accommodate other elements like aTV set or window.

Paint color can be matched to fit the interior design of the space, and, should it change, sculptures are easily repainted.


Wire makes an illustration whimsical. The same drawing made with a pencil on a sketch pad becomes a playful experience – even funny – when traced with wire or steel rod.


Sculptures are very light. Easy to install. They can often be balanced on a single finishing nail temporarily and can be permanently installed in minutes by two people – one standing back, directing the other, who can hold the piece with one hand while marking for mounting anchors with the other.
The sculptures are permanently installed on small loops – usually three or four per character. Wall murals made for public areas like hotels, convention centers, or hospital waiting rooms may have more mounting loops to discourage vandalism. The art is mounted to the wall on wall anchors or wood screws. The loops hold the illustration about an inch away from the wall.


Sculptures are custom designed and built to fit customer requirements. Most projects are shipped within three weeks of the template drawing approval.


About the Art

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