Bart Soutendijk 

Custom wire art and steel-rod wall murals

Head on

Artist Bart Soutendijk designs and builds custom wire wall art and steel rod wall murals for public, commercial, and residential locations. Bart' s whimsical wall hangings are the final step in a simplification process that starts with a client-suggested description, pencil sketch, photograph, or group of photographs. He makes and remakes a wire drawing to emphasize only the essence of the subject, then, like the poet who reviews every word, he re-examines every turn and curve as he bends steel rod into a wall mural.

The final installation of the art, a solid line in space in front of a moving shadow, has scale enough to suit a large wall without dominating the room. Bart's murals have been exhibited in many galleries and museums. Works are available through his studio in Quitman, TX, by contacting him directly.‚Äč

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